About me



I am happy to welcome you to my blog “Turning Point”

I came up with this blog to share with you guys my love for fashion and shopping.
It’s been a long time, since I’ve wanted to create a blog to express myself and give a shout out to the world. Finally and hopefully I will be able to do that with “Turning Point”.
Ever since I was younger, I’ve had a tendency for pretty things, which only grew stronger with time. And I eventually grew up wanting to become a fashion designer. Even though I pursued my studies in the economics and business management, that dream still holds an important place in heart and life.

page2-img2 About Stéphanie Guillaume - Turning Point


I’ve chosen this title, referring to the year 2012, which had been a good year for me, but also is the year I decided to create this blog.
2012 was a period of change in my life. A period when I made new steps toward my future and towards the pursuit of my dreams. One of which was…having a blog ^^

I will try to come up regularly with an article. And I hope that you will take as much pleasure in reading itthen me in writing it.


My full name is Stéphanie Alice Guillaume. I live in Switzerland, but was born in Haïti to two Haitian parents. I am currently studying International Business Management and I speak 5 languages (Haitian Creole, French, German, English, Korean-which I’m still learning) going to my sixth (Spanish). The most precious person in my life is my little sister, with whom I have ten years of age difference. I love to travel, to shop, to listen to music and sing (sometimes with music, sometimes without any music). I laugh a lot, smile a lot, and well…sing a lot. If you see me somewhere, come and talk to me, as I often tend to be in my little bubble or just to reserved to come to you.