Turning Point is a blog written by Stéphanie Guillaume. At its creation, December 12th 2012, Turning Point’s focus was purely fashion. A place where Stephanie Guillaume it’s writer could come and share her daily, weekly looks as well as inspirations. Later on, Turning Point started to display content about traveling, which were mainly travel diaries. So far Turning Point was a sharing platform, built from passion. It is at the end of summer 2015 that Stéphanie decided to blog on a more professional level, considering the time she had been spending on Turning Point the last year and a half, to later be a full time Fashion & Travel blogger.
It is after this big decision, that Stéphanie decides, during winter 16/17 to incorporate into Turning Point her long time passion and love for Korea, into the blog. She would from now on write about subjects related to korean fashion, traveling, culture and life.


Turning Point, on a mission to feed your hunger about Korea, inspire you to travel and deliver fashion styles.



Stéphanie Guillaume is a Swiss-Caribbean women born in Haïti, raised in Switzerland. She created Turning Point at a time of liberation as a symbol of her own freedom and as a platform where she could express and explore her passion for Fashion.
Stéphanie is a 90’s baby, who is always searching for self discovery, exploration and development.
Currently enrolled in Digital Marketing & Communication at CREA in Geneva, Stéphanie is a Lausannoise (who loves it) looking to explore the world at any opportunity and thrive in entrepreneurship. She speaks Creole, French, English fluently and has knowledge of Korean, Spanish and German. The most precious person in her life is her little sister. She loves to travel,to sing, to shop, to listen to music, laughs and smiles a lot. She often tends to be in her little bubble but you can easily talk to her.



The title refers to the year 2012, which had been a good year, and a period happiness and change. A period when Stéphanie made new steps towards her future and the pursuit of her dreams. One of which was having a blog. Ever since she was a little girl, she had a love for pretty things and shopping – more than what would have seemed necessary, which only grew with time. Eventually as she got older, she developed the desire to become a fashion designer. Even though she pursued her studies in International business management, that dream was still holding an important place in heart and life, which is the reason why Turning Point exists.