From ancient cities to modern resorts, Turkey is a country rich of thousands years of history and many places to visit. And I had the chance to embark on a 4 days journey in Bodrum, the old Halikarnassus.


A few weeks back a selected group of bloggers and I where invited in Turkey by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism to visit Bodrum. Needless to say that I was more than happy to say yes! – as I had been fantasizing about Turkey since last year. Without counting my travel bucket-list filled with several destination of the peninsula. The Office wanted us to experience Turkey fully and show the world different aspects of the country in this period of tension for Turkey’s tourism economy.


Ladies at Palmarina



We where staying at the Doria Hotel. A nice hotel, rooms equipped with sitting areas and balconies with land or garden view. The staff was friendly, the service (such as massage) and accommodation good and welcoming for an affordable price. The best was the magnificent view over Bodrum city and the the Aegan Sea – as the hotel is located at the very top of one of Bodrum’s many hills.

Doria Hotel
Gündönümü Mevkii 1410. Sk., 48400 Bitez Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey, Phone: +90 252 311 1020




Doria Hotel Rooftop View



Turkish food was undoubtedly the highlight of my journey. A delicious cuisine made of a wide range of fresh veggies and spices, with little meat, bowls of fruits after meals and the best tea time – without forgetting of course Raki, the traditional turkish schnaps.

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The meal would start with big bowls of salad and mezze – chances are by then you would feel full. And then onto the main course of meat, chicken or fish depending on your choice. Speaking about fish, we had the best one in Yalikavak. You will find below the restaurant I appreciated the most.

Cimentepe Restaurant
Geriş Altı Mah. No:62, Çökertme Cd., 48990 Bodrum/Muğla, Turquie, Phone +90 252 385 4237



Plates of Mezze



Turkish Tea & Coffee



We have gone from ancient castles to secluded coves to traditional markets and rode on turquoise waters topped by blue skies. One thing that particularly touched me was the scenery of Bodrum, when I arrived there, I immediately thought about Mexico, more precisely Queretaro. The hills and whites houses overseen by the blue sky where so familiar to me. It made me smile, and happy.

So have we had the full “Blue Cruise experience? Yes I believe so. We’ve rode on the iconic gulet schooners – traditional turkish sailing vessel, paced along the harbor, visited the famous Mausolea Tomb of Mausolus – One of the Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World – and chilled inside a cove.


View from Bodrum’s Castle



Ancient amphoras



Amidst bourganvilla flowers



The first question or opinion, I got every time I said I was going to turkey was about the safety there. “Is it safe to go there?” “Are you sure you don’t want to wait till things blow over?” and so on. These questions are related to politics and I am not one who talks about politics easily unless it is with my friends.

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Up to these days, I have never went on a journey, while under the hold of fear. Of course some countries are dangerous, but the can be many reasons for it to be so or for someone not to visit it. And the news I had seen some weeks ago, weren’t gonna stop me. Moreover, with the years passing by, I have concluded that what we see on TV or read in the newspaper isn’t always true. At least not entirely. I can say this because coming from Haiti, I have seen what kind of information where relayed on television. Poverty-Poverty-Poverty. Never have I seen a documentary or news focus on a positive side of Haiti. At least not in the part of the world, where I live. Hence this has caused me to have absolutely zero interest in any news of the sort for a decade, because I know better. All that to say that I’d rather not stop my opinions on biased information.

So is it was safe to go to Turkey? I’d say yes! Not at any point have I felt in danger or threatened during my stay.

A full Turkey “picture diary” will come in the my future blogpost and maybe a little video as well. Watch this space! 😉


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