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STYLE | Bye Bye Summer


Photo by Jessica Lecuyer

sgturningpoint.com, stephanieguillaume, switzerland, fashion

Hair by Me, Stéphanie Guillaume

sgturningpoint.com, stephanieguillaume, switzerland, fashionblogger

Portrait | Nose Ring From Divas Of London |

Make Up by Jessica Lecuyer & Myself

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sgturningpoint.com, stephanieguillaume, turningblog, switzerland

sgturningpoint.com, stephanieguillaume, turningpoint, style trends

We all knew it would come, at last, and here it is. Fall! The end of summer (*in tears* T_T). We had our last sunny/shiny days last week, in Lausanne, the city where I live. Then since last weekend, it has been an endless fall to the grey-ish & rainy-ish days. So that’s why I took advantage of putting on some clothes I really enjoy and which I wanted to wear before it gets to cold. But now has come the time to swap our summer outfits for fall outfits.

Bye bye summer! We will miss you…until the next time!

What I Am Wearing

Nose Ring Divas Approved London | Sleeveless Blazer Forever21 | Top NastyGal | Short H&M | Box Bag Asos

Get The Look

How’s the mood in your city during this summer to fall switch? 

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