Ant on Emoji One 2.2.5WAIT, WHAT? EATING INSECTS?Ant on Emoji One 2.2.5

One morning last year in Seoul, my friends and I woke up trying to decide what we were going to do that day. We decided we would go for a walk and see the cherry blossoms in the streets. So we headed out for Yeouido Park.

Never had we thought when waking up that morning, that this day would be the day we eat insects for the first time. As you can see in the video, we all had a different reaction to this experience. Going into the unknown is always scary, but we did. We all came out of our comfort zone and immersed in the experience of something new and breaking down the barriers of culture.


During this trip, I personally did two things that were totally out of my comfort zone. These two things are:

  • Eating an insect
  • Eating a living octopus

For both these things, I was very happy with myself. Because a few years back, I would have NEVER done it.


I can only encourage you to have new experiences while traveling, even if you are scared. Of course, not things that put you in danger. Getting out of her comfort zone is something that is growing a lot and that is enormously rewarding.


xo, Stéph

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