« What you keep before your eyes, will realise in your life. »

This is a quote I have heard in one of Terri Savelle’s podcast, which is inspired by a sentence of the same kind from the Bible and is also one of my favourite quote.

Why is it amongst my favourite quotes? Simply because I am the kind of person who is always thinking and having new ideas and my dreams, so I love to write down those ideas and make to do-lists. Except that this wasn’t enough anymore.

That is why for some time now, I have been meaning to create a dream book and dream boards. This way I can want manifest anything I want simply by doing a collage.


Having a picture of what you want passing in front of your eyes everyday, makes you want it even more and thus never forget about it and thus you will want to work harder to get it.

It is focusing on this, that I decided a month ago to create my first dream board on top of writing to do’s. In parallel to that I came into a new printer, which couldn’t have been better. For I needed to print, cut and paste for this little Dream-Board DIY adventure on mine.



This portable printer (HP DeskJet 3720) is seriously the cutest thing, being the smallest all-in-one inkjet in the world, it fits perfectly on my desk, takes little place and is super light weighted. I can print, scan, and copy by connecting it to my phone (or other devices such as tablet), to my Gmail account and it works wirelessly. This means that I can send a work to the printer while being on-the-go and it will be out when I get there. What I like about this printer is that it is intuitive, the connectivity is super-fast and it costs between 79 and 89.- CHF; which is quite affordable. With it I have been able to print photos from my phone gallery and I can even print them from my social medias; such as Instagram or Facebook, which I haven’t tried yet but I definitely will.

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I chose a few pictures to print out and the result was quite good in terms of the colour scheme. The pictures were vibrant and well textured. Important points when we consider that the dream-board is something that will be hanging on my wall and that I will look at every day.


One thing pretty cool, is that I received a set of blank picture card and a box of polaroid size picture – also blank – to print on. This has proven to be very practical for my little atelier session. I am able to print out words and pictures which inspire me, gives a certain mood or pictures of my friends and me to put up on my wall.






Have you ever tried this printer? Leave your reviews below if you have any.

And also are you the type of person who likes mood boards and lists?


xo, Stéph

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