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L A Y E R I N G: A Summer To Fall Transition

When entering into fall, it is important to master the art of layering. This season doesn’t ultimately mean that you must trade your t-shirts for sweaters (not hating on sweaters tho here! just saying). Its just the time to accommodate, so keep that t-shirt on my friend.

Just like mother nature is transitioning and changing its leaves for better coverage, we as well should do the same. Slide from summer outfits to autumns attire. The art of layering is your gold ticket to keeping it up with fall and its Indian summer. Once you’ve mastered how to layer, you won’t need to worry about feeling to cold or to hot during the different times and weathers of the day.

  • A good layering

    • A normal / classical layering is always composed of 3 levels. If you want to upgrade it to more layers, you go ahead! And send me the links to your outfit ( or tag me on Instagram/Twitter {@turningblog}, I’d love to see the result.
  • Different levels/ways to layer

    1. 2 jacket + T-shirt or tank top
    2. Light coat + Jacket + Top
    3. Jacket + Shirt + Top
    4. Light coat + Shirt + Top
  • Why layering is useful

    1. Helps you stay on track with the weather
    2. Cold in the morning: You have got your light coat, just put it on.
    3. Feeling hot in the afternoon: Take your coat off, and you’ve got your jacket/little blazer/kimono on.
    4. Getting a bit breezy at night: Well! It’s a good thing you took your coat, just throw it over your shoulder and to keep on going with your evening.
  • How will these different layers help you

    • Example: For whichever of the styles mentioned above, you have the liberty to remove your blazer, your little jacket or blouse from the moment you feel too hot.
      • What those previous clothes have in common: a (front) opening, this is the small detail that will make your life simpler. Thanks to those buttons or zipper, you have the choice to close, open or take off your layers of clothes and do as you please. Put simply, you can adapt your outfit to your body and the weather.

Do you have other layering ideas?

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