Welcome in the second edition “In the life of a blogger”. I had written and published the first edition last June, where I talked about my reflections on going back to university, but also job and apartment hunting. Since then a couple of things have changed. But before you read what’s coming next, catch up on the first part of “In the life of a blogger” if you’ve missed it.

The biggest change is that I went from thinking about going back to university or working/travelling more – to actually enrolling and starting a new university. This new school I started is called CREA, which is a private university in Geneva and is part of the french group INSEEC. There, I am currently studying Digital Marketing and Communication. My first class was Monday 12th and from then till last Thursday 22.09.16. It has been two weeks of intensive work – but I loved every second of it. The academic year couldn’t have started better as during the first week, Tuesday to Sunday we had to:

  • Create a band,
  • It’s name,
  • The universe around it, our message
  • A song, with or without the lyrics,
  • Record it in a record studio,
  • Design the single cover,
  • Shoot the video clip,
  • And promote the band on social medias

If you are interested to see what my group and I came up with, you can watch the our video clip below. The name of the song is BE. by We.Society

PS: In regard to that school, we will be going in two weeks to Paris. Make sure you follow me on Snapchat (turningblog), as I will take a lot of snaps during this trip.

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In regards of apartment hunting, I stopped for a while because I added some new personal goals on my goal list which meant that I need to go hardcore on the saving money. But in the end I realized that I AB-SO-LU-TE-LY needed to find a place if I wanted to fully expand myself. So I guess will have to revisit the goal list and priorities.

As for job searching, I had abandoned the idea – I know, I change my mind very quickly – because I wanted to allocate hundred percent of my time blogging when not at the university. Now that I am looking into apartments, the blog not bringing yet enough for me to live off of it, I need to find something in addition. Right now, I am focusing on the television business, either in production assistance or social media support.






Pictures by Caius





That’s it for the little update. Hope you enjoyed it. And feel free to share your stories with me, down in the comment section.

xo, Stéph

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  • dominika
    03 . 10 . 2016

    I love the fact that you went back to the university, finding a backup income aside your blog. Good courage. You rock.

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