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* Instagoodies | Miami *

As promised, my article about Miami. I went there with one of my college classmate. Stayed for two weeks and it was two amazing weeks of sun bathing, strolling, shopping and partying. I did’nt take my camera with me, so couldn’t capture every moment to share with you. Took the pictures with my phones though, and published them on instagram. The saddest thing happened few days ago, I lost my phone, where I had all the pictures. This saddens me so much, I don’t care about the phone, the pictures had sentimental value you know! Like family pictures and stuff. Anyway, I had a great time. So here you go


Taking a few selfies 🙂

Strolling around
Girls dancing at the beach.

Got myself a new hairstyle and a new tank top.
Keyshia Cole at the club

Ready for the party.
Down at the Everglades
Say Hello! to baby Gator
Having a sweet afternoon at Flamingo
Last day
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