Reasons Why You Should Wear Thigh-High Boots

In my memories, there’s a period of time, back in the days, were thigh high boots were seen as inappropriate. But why? You would ask me? Because for a long time, perhaps still even now, these boots have been associated with shoes fetishism, sadomasochism and prostitutes. Therefore you can only imagine the image they could have brought up in people’s mind. These kind of thinking are old-fashioned. Almost everyone wear or can wear thigh high boots, beginning with the starts, because there are so many sorts of them. There aren’t only the super slutty looking high platform plastic boots that we used to see on the courtesans. Nowadays there are more than appropriate and amazingly nice pairs of OTK boots, from thin metallic heels to wedge heels to leather, synthetic or silk boots, the only thing you need to do is choose.

So if you were still having doubts about OTK boots, here are few reasons, why you shouldn’t hesitate, along with a few pairs to help you start.

  1. No more tights: You don’t need to wear tights anymore. The thigh-high has got it all covered. …Unless you absolutely want to!
  2. Anti-wind: Obviously the perfect wind shield.
  3. Allow you to wear shorts & mini skirt during winter, without freezing to death
  4. Keeps you warm. They are warmer than tights.
  5. Look stylish: You can create some really killer style with a pair of thigh-high.
  6. Look sexy: You can create a lot of style with a pair of thigh-high, but if there is one look that these boots masters, it will definitely be the sexy look. And yes! The boots masters the style, not you. Even though we can wear them with different style, for me the OTK boots were made to amplify everything sexy and seductive about a woman, as well as refine and adorn her legs and silhouette.

ZigiGirl | Lace-Up Thigh-High Boots

Breckelle’s | Alabama Over The Knee Boots

Tony Bianco | Jonson Thigh-High

Renvy | Royce Over The Knee Boot

Pour La Victoire | Cordelia Boot

Guess | Black Leather Vale Boot

Jeffrey Campbell | Over The Knee Boot

Billini | Faux Suede Strut Boot

PS: You can also find some great ones on Zalando.

Don’t Forget / N’oublies pas

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3 Responses
  • Carsla
    09 . 03 . 2015

    DEF a must-have. I’ve been in search of a pair, but I have yet to find anything affordable, that fits, & that I LOVE! “/

    • Stéphanie Guillaume
      10 . 03 . 2015

      You should definitely check out polyvore. You can set the colors, prices etc.. it’s a great tool for shopping.

    09 . 04 . 2018

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