Today I want to announce to you, something very important for me. But before we begin, if you haven’t read my last article about winter fashion in hot countries, then go ahead and read it.

It has been a little while since I haven’t done an “update” blogpost. And this one is particularly dear to me. Today I wan to tell you, that I am implementing something new to Turning Point.

What happened?

The past weeks, I have been thinking a lot; having many about content, about how to grow the blog an its community and in all of this I was happy I had some friends whom I could confide in and who spoke the same language as me, therefore could understand what I was saying.

During all of this thinking, one thing was bothering me. The fact that I hadn’t posted done a fashion related photoshooting in a while. Which also implies, no fashion related article on the blog. I realized that I had no motivation to do so as well. And this where the reflection got serious. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Surely you’ve seen more lifestyle / travel blogpost on the Turning Point since last year, but you also might have noticed that they’ve increase in the past months.


Picture by Wallace Yolicia
Editing by Stéphanie

What will change?

After beginning my blog for the sole purpose of sharing my style, and swimming in this niche for so long, I wanted something to change because I was changing. And without knowing it, I was slowly losing my appetite for the same domain I loved so much. Then I started talking to my friends, and my different discussions started to give me back life, because I could see them wanting to help me and giving me advices on the blog and diverse area around the blog and my passions.

The most important thing that came up from these discussions, was my LOVE for the South Korean culture.

I fell in love with it back in 2009 when I had never step foot in the country – now I have been there many times, you can even go check the places I recommend you to visit in Seoul, and it all started from reading a manhwa (만화) / korean manga. I will not tell you all the stories which followed this, but I will tell you that because this culture holds such a tremendous importance in my heart, because it makes me smile every day without me even noticing, I have made the decision to integrate it to my blog’s content. So from now on, Turning Point’s focus will be « Korea, Fashion and Travel » Therefore, I will also implement it in the menu bar. 🇰🇷


What’s next?

Weirdly enough, since (15 days) the day I made that decision, I rediscovered my desire and creativity to produce fashion related content.

You can expect in the coming weeks, blogposts about Korean music, Korean food, as well as more travel contents and some blogging tips. Make sure you are here when I post a new article by following me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. While waiting all of these fresh contents, read about what I want to do this year and the cities I have visited and want to live in.

I look forward to start this new chapter with you. Stay with me, cheer with me and enjoy the ride!




xo, Stéph

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Rebranding is always exciting and fun because you get to try new things
I’m applying that to my blog and it feels like I just started blogging again because my excitement is back

All the best my dear
just found your blog and I’m loving it

2 years 4 months ago

I looooooove this ouuuutfit. This dresssss is just life !


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