What is perfection? Right here is a million dollar question. For centuries, people have been striving to be perfect. Some failing, others succeeding according to their beliefs. Yes, their beliefs, because really – perfection doesn’t exist. It is something that we make up in our head but that in the end cannot be defined.

How do you reach something that cannot be defined? You will probably answer that it can be defined and that you simply need to have a goal. But there is a problem with that. What happens when you reach that goal? If you are looking for perfection, chances are you are a perfectionist. And what does a perfectionist do once he reaches his goal? He pushes it a little bit further because what he’s achieved isn’t perfect enough. This behaviour can quickly become unhealthy depending on the level of your perfectionism.

What I want to tell you today is that, it is ok for things not to be perfect. Because that’s how they are suppose to be and that’s what makes them perfect. You won’t be 100% in everything you do every time, that’s human nature and that’s ok. The World is a big giant ball of imperfections, but do they make it less beautiful? No. Accepting that imperfection is perfect, beautiful and normal will change your life.



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Acolyte: Wallace Yolicia







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Living in a digital world, where we showcase our lives on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more to be seen by everyone and anyone makes the task of accepting ourselves and what we do even harder. Therefore a lot of us end up becoming insecure and lack in confidence. This is why accepting your flaws and mistakes will change your life. And also being surrounded by friends and family that remind you what you do best, remind you that you are beautiful and call you out when you are pushing yourself too hard is important in the process off accepting your perfectly imperfect self because they will keep you grounded and remind you what it is important.

You were not made to be perfect, but to be you!






Be you, do you. Be whole. The purpose of life is to learn, make mistakes, fail, fall, get up and learn again. This is how we grow, how you will grow. In all these processes, be whole. The journey will not be the same if you think that your flaws make you imperfect. Instead of embracing them. It is rather those imperfections which make you unique and irreplaceable. The World is full of diversity and you are part of it. So let’s celebrate and dance your perfect imperfect self.



For you, what does being perfect means / represents? 

xo, Stéph


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4 Responses
  • Jocelyne Nkiambi
    05 . 09 . 2016

    J’adore !! You guys are amazing !!! <3<3<3

    • Stéphanie Guillaume
      07 . 09 . 2016

      Merci bella!!

  • Dolane
    15 . 09 . 2016

    Thanks for this article…
    Your point is very positive and true at all…
    Keep it up…

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