“Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality.” Shawn Ashmore

Someone once told me, I don’t understand your style, you should give it more focus. My reaction was to listen and then forget. For me, your style is only about you and no one else as it reflects parts of your personality. It is moreover influenced by many key elements which can be your age, your entourage, your lifestyle, your build, your culture, your budget and how you’ve been raised. But in the end, it is your personal preferences which are part of your personality that pull your whole look together.

Your clothes are an expression of your character

In this way, our clothes are an expression of our spirit and character, which is why when I heard this comments, it didn’t bother me. Why? It should have shaken me! I should have questioned myself a bit. But no. Because I know who I am, I know my character and I know that it is such as a chameleon and my dressing habits.

At the core of my style personality, you will find the sexy and cute ladylike styled women with a soul tinted by the fashion of the 20’s & 30’s. By the way, you will find me in the Gatsby corner 😉 But it doesn’t stop me from wearing sneakers or putting on a rock inspired outfit when I feel like it.

Example: For the outfit that I’m wearing in these pictures, it was the very first time that I wore a pullover on top of a jumpsuit. My first thought was “Hmm! This is weird!” and then “..but kinda of cute :)” I paired these two because when I opened my package, I got shocked at the sight of “size 40” or 10 for the Americans. I am a size 36 max. Obviously; I had made a mistake. Hence I figured out ways to wear my jumper without me looking like a lonely spaghetti in a plastic bag xD

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You style will evolve just like you do

Younger, I used to never wear sneakers unless it was to do gym in school; only ballerinas, sandals, boots (no biker boots). But now, I wear them and love it. They are super comfortable and it diversifies my style. So there is nothing wrong with finding looks that suits you even if it seems weird to others. Your style will evolve and grow just like you change year after year when you experience life. Some things will work for you at and during a certain period of time, when others won’t. Simply keep what has stood the test according to YOUR criteria and rely on them.

Find your own interpretation of fashion.

You will be the most stylish when you are consistent in following what your personality dictates you and not what the ongoing trends or other people dictate you. Whether it means sticking to basics or getting creative all the time. Explore the aesthetic of fashion without letting the surrounding noise unsettle you. Because what depending on your build, skin tone and the way you think, some trends will not fit you and you will feel uncomfortable. And no one wants that for themselves.

Now go ahead, have fun, play, pair, use loud patterns, weird materials, wear your skirt as top or not. Just forget what’s appropriate!

PS: Don’t go out totally naked tho xD






Overall AboutYou | Sweater AboutYou | Watch Daniel Wellington | Bag Asos | Mustard Coat Esprit

The Overall
The Sweater
The different colors


What are your thoughts? What about you and your style?

xo, Stéph

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