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Winter coats

Having started wearing coats again, I thought it was more than a perfect time to do a winter coats guide which every piece I selected for you. In this guide I provide you with a large choice of affordable coats to warm up this winter.

As we had our first snow shower of the season last week and the temperatures dropped from 15°C to -4°C in a few days, it became more than an evidence that winter had arrived. Even though we are still in Autumn technically. Luckily, I had already started preparing for the cold times coming, as should you. For several year now, my routine for welcoming winter consist partly in re-arranging my wardrobe. Simply by putting away my summer garments and taking out my winter coats and others. This allows me to enjoy better my wardrobe by having only the essentials of the season.

The most important of these essentials is of course the coat (leave a comment if you think otherwise), because it’ll warm up your whole body, protect it you from wind and occasional rain. It is not only important to have one, but it is crucial to have one that will keep you warm during all winter (of course paired with it’s friend THE SCARF). For this reason I handpicked, well kinda, the types of coats that I would wear during winter for you. On that note, good shopping and I wish you to find the one 😉

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