How to Wear Mom Jeans

There was a time when our favorite blue jeans were the skinny type – feeling like a second skin, they were perfect in showing off the slender curvature in our legs, allowing us to feel sexy in our jeans without baring it all. But the glory days of skinny jeans are steadily fading into the past, as yoga pants take their place and usher in a new athleisure era that thrives on comfort. And with past reports from AOL Style indicating that a woman in Australia had to be hospitalized after squatting in her jeans for several hours, people are veering away from skinnies and replacing them with baggier styles.

The editors of Lyst that have compiled a collection of jeans explain that skinnies do offer a streamlined silhouette, but there are plenty of other styles that don’t strap your legs in like there’s no tomorrow, from 70s flared to bootcut and classic straight-leg. One baggier trend that appears to have made a comeback in the last couple of years are mom jeans, as InStyle says they’ve been seen on today’s fashion icons and non-mothers alike. The change in demographics for mom jean wearers proves that first impressions don’t define the success of trends. Second chances exist in the fashion industry, and this time around, mom jeans are definitely working in our favor.

However, one of the reasons we probably loved skinny jeans so much was its simplicity in outfit pairings, since they looked good with virtually every top you own. High waist denim may need a bit of editing, but the result is equally–if not more–chic as all your skinny jean ensembles.


How To Wear Mom Jeans 3 different ways

Give mom jeans a modern update with these outfit suggestions:

With a crop top
Anything high waisted is automatically deemed a perfect match for a crop top, so try your jeans out with a variety of tops to see which suits your mood. A vintage cropped tee is one way to elevate the regular jeans and t-shirt look.

Source: Her

With an off-the-shoulder blouse
A loose top may want you reaching for tighter bottoms to avoid the loose-on-loose pairing, but mom jeans are actually a good fit for a bohemian inspired off shoulder blouse, giving the whole outfit something of a hippie vibe.

Source: Her

With a bodysuit
Wearing a bodysuit with a skirt can make you feel like you’re headed to a ballet recital, thus if you want to mix things up, put mom jeans on over the one-piece. The finished look is very sexy.

Source: Her


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