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 FALL WINTER TRENDS Photography: Julian Tse Look: Everything Esprit Many associate autumn and winter with dark shades, hence start wearing only dark colours. Of course the days are shorter, the weather is gloomier, the sun sets earlier. But it doesn’t automatically mean that your wardrobe has to be the same. If you are part of those, for whom all black is a signature and you wear it all year long head to toe, then my words don’t apply to you…

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Milan Fashion Week A/W Runway

Autumn Winter I am finally sharing with you my favorite pieces from the designer shows I’ve seen Milan during Fashion Week. But first of all I want to apologies if it’s taking me some time to share everything with you. I have a lot going on lately and it is at times difficult to keep up with my studies, the blog and everything else. I had lots of fun admiring the beautiful work of Italian designers such as Roberto Zambelli,…

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