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* What I Learned At Fashion Week | Lesson n°2 *

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What I Learned At Fashion Week I told you on instagram (@turningblog) that I was in a bad mood that day. This state quickly changed once I arrived at Piazza Vetra. It is were we would assist to the shows of Roberto Zambelli and Fatima Val. My! The wonders the simple sight of beautiful clothes will do. ^.^ That day I am wearing my leopard coat by Unif from NastyGal, which I have had for years; plus two extra accessories I like very much.…

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Milan Fashion Week Part 2


OOTD and a little story When you travel, there’s always something funny or exceptional that happens. When it does, you feel like you just can’t wait to narrate that story to everyone. As we were getting ready to shoot a few pictures of our outfit, Yolicia and me realized that we couldn’t possibly carry our bag filled with extra jacket, extra shoes…you know the drill! Ladies always need some back up goods. Something had to be done. So we simply…

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Fashion Week Milan Part 1

FW2015 Look 1 - Turning Point Lifestyle Blog Stephanie 1

Vintage Style & Adding Extra Pieces This is my first day and first time stepping foot in Milan’s FW. I carry such a fun and great memory of that day. I remember how impressed I was of seeing the crowd of photographers and observers when I arrived near the Armani building where the few shows would take place. I was even more astonished when Anna Dello Russo‘s car arrived and she got out; OH MY GOD! Needless to say this got…

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