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* What I Learned At Fashion Week | Lesson n°2 *

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What I Learned At Fashion Week I told you on instagram (@turningblog) that I was in a bad mood that day. This state quickly changed once I arrived at Piazza Vetra. It is were we would assist to the shows of Roberto Zambelli and Fatima Val. My! The wonders the simple sight of beautiful clothes will do. ^.^ That day I am wearing my leopard coat by Unif from NastyGal, which I have had for years; plus two extra accessories I like very much.…

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* 15 Pair Of Sunglasses For Summer *

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Sunglasses For Summer I remember the times when the quest for the PER-FECT pair of shades used to be tiresome. It was at least my experience having a flat nose, high cheekbones and a round face. Nowadays we have so many choices between the online shops, the stores, the friend’s wardrobe clearance and the neighborhood thrift-shop or market, this problem has been dealt with. I have selected 15 pairs of sunglasses listed down below with pictures and links to facilitate  for you the work…

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Just wanted to do a flash outfit of the day post to share with you to you one of my go to, easy comfortable outfit (proof is that I have the same blouse and pants in an other color) for Campus. And little detail, I wear this for winter and early spring. I trade it off with something lighter in summer. OH! And euhm…my briefcase/troller. My partner in crime for my college days. Love it. Nice color, way prettier than…

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