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Inspiration for winter home decor In winter we all feel this need to have an interior that is extra warm and cozy. Hence thicker blankets, fluffier rugs, more candles, lights, a wood scented atmosphere to make our time inside more memorable and spend winter under our sheets with a big mug of hot chocolate. If you want all of this, come and get inspired by my selection of winter home decor. Here are inspiration mood board, it might give you ideas for your own house.…

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About three to four weeks ago, this new afro specialized hair salon “Natural Hair Style” opened in Geneva. They were looking for natural, afro, dreadlocks hair styled people. All the styles. One of my friend who knew about it, contacted me asking if I was interested. Being overwhelmed with work lately, I thought what a great opportunity it would be to style my hair and not having to worry about it for the next month or so coming. So of…

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* The Show // London Vodafone Fashion Weekend *


Dear readers, As promised, here’s a more shots from London (part 3), this time pictures from the show and more. Chers lecteurs, Comme promis, voici plus de photos de Londres, cette fois des photos du défilé et plus. The following are two beautiful and stylish young armenian girl I met there. Like my friend and I, they came for the show. I saw them , and I knew I HAD to take a picture of them. Absolutely love what they…

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Dear readers, It’s wednesday, the middle of the week. I hope everything is going smoothly for you ! I know some of you are already yearning for the weekend. ;)) Meanwhile, I am happy to share with you, my first look to open this winter season brrrrr. For this look, I decided to wear a black laced back top from Zara, a leather skirt with spikes from Asos and finally these gorgeous detailed grey suede boots from Balmain. I remember the day…

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