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Top 12 Places To Travel 1/2 | Bucket List

Top 12 Places To Travel 1/2,

The Bucket List


Turkey can count by far amongst one of the most beautiful and diversified country in the world. From the oriental region to the Anatolie, the asian area, to finally reach the European part; it won’t be difficult to find someplace to explore.


Photo: balloonteam.net


top places to travel, Sunset at the travertine pools, in Pamukkale, Turkey, www.sgturningpoint.com

The view from the travertine pools in Pamukkale during sunset.


Photo: www.telegraph.co.uk


If I had to choose only on place to visit in Thaïland, it would Chiang Mai. Why? 3 reasons: the incredible adventure, watch a live muay thaï combat, and from what I’ve read, it is super cheap over there.

Chiang Mai

top places to travel, Chiang-Mai-Thailand - Turningpointblog_stephanieguillaume, www.sgturningpoint.com

Photo: retraiteenthailande.com

top places to travel, thailand, chiang mai - turningpointblog_stephanieguillaume, www.sgturningpoint.com

Photo: laiz.lv

Koh Samui

Photo: www.clickstay.com



Photo: gotsaga.com


Photo: www.mykonosblanchotel.com


For breathtakingly colorful sceneries Italy must definitely be on list. Cities area such as Cinque Terre or the city of Burano are marvelous names which should make you dream.

Cinque Terre

top places to travel, cinque-terre, italy - turningpointblog_stephanieguillaume, www.sgturningpoint.com

Photo: telegraph.co.uk


top places to travel, Alberobello, italy - turningpointblog_stephanieguillaume, www.sgturningpoint.com

Photo: f-stopandsee.com


Next time instead of going to Ibiza, try Croatia. Your choices are wide, between Dubrovnik, Split or Hvar (picture above), the choice is yours. Croatia is the international spot for the party people. Each year, numerous festivals are held in Croatia calling people from all over the world for a summer of pure insanity.
top places to travel, Hvar island, croatia, - turningpointblog_stephanieguillaume, www.sgturningpoint.com

Photo: www.villa-tamara.com


To discover hidden treasures of the mother nature, the Philippines is your next stop. Become a pro scuba-diver in Cebu, swim with in cristal clear waters in El Nido/Palawan and finally bestow yourself the delight of another kind of chocolat by going to Bohol and admire the Chocolate Hills.


top places to travel, Palawan_Island_Philippines - turningpoint_stephanieguillaume, www.sgturningpoint.com

Photo: www.palawanisland.org

Cebutop places to travel, Cebu_Philippines - turningpoint_stephanieguillaume

Photo: www.tohota.com


top places to travel, Bohol_chocolate_hills_philippines - turningpointblog_stephanieguillaume, www.sgturningpoint.com

Photo: jetpacapp.tumblr.com
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I have visited few, I see how much is left…. See you around!