Always Check The Weather Before You Travel

No Sweater Season In Seoul And Bangkok!

Check your travel country destination weather twice before leaving. No matter what you think you know. This way you will ensure taking the right things and avoid overweighting your luggages with unnecessary items.

Two weeks ago, I came back from a travel in Seoul and Bangkok with my sister. Believe me if I say, I was weirdly happy to be back (cause everyone wants to go back right?). That is because the weather was sooo good, compared to how I left it. You see, when I left it was too cold for the my taste for this time of the year with the wind and all. So before I left, like a good girl, I packed my stuff and took a pair of gloves, a couple of sweaters and a couple of coats. Thinking you know “It must be freezing in South K. by now, better get ready girl” (because it normally is freakishly cold in winter there, approx. -15°C and more). I know! It’s not winter yet, but it felt like it for me in Switzerland. But guess what? I arrive in Seoul, the weather couldn’t have been nicer. It was like T-Shirt, Shirt and skirt season, NO SWEATER season at all. Needless to say, that my coats and gloves were useless and only a burden. The only moment it felt breezy and you needed a jacket, was mostly at night. It is in that moment I thought “Giiirl! You better check that weather twice before you leave next time”. So yes I went there thinking if it was already cold in Switzerland how could it possibly be better in South Korea, BIG MISTAKE. I just ended up with unnecessary weight in my luggage. Lesson learned!


So always verify the weather forecast twice. Once before packing, plus the day before leaving to have the most accurate informations and to make sure you have what’s needed.

PS: As for Bangkok, it goes even without saying, that for a 35° Celsius no sane person would wear a coat. Unless you had some death wish. And by the way, you can see the pictures on my instagram {@turningblog} if you’ve missed the behind the scenes from snapchat {turningblog} you can catch up on my facebook page (blog.turningpoint). Plus I am planning to open a youtube channel where I will post a video of my trip and trips to come.

With Love, Stéphanie


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Have you ever been caught by the weather on holidays ?

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