Why I Haven’t Been Making Money With My Blog


For some time now, people have been asking me if I make money with my blog or assuming that I am. The answer is no. Why not would you think? For the simple reason, that up until recently, I hadn’t envisioned such a thing. When I first started blogging, making money was not my goal and so it didn’t crossed my mind. My priority was simply to start my blog and share what I like. Inspire even one individual. I was happy to just collaborate with a brand, doing interviews or write for another magazine. But then, when people started asking me these money related questions, it got me wondering. Yes I started the blog out of pleasure, but it was still a lot of work, time consuming.

In the process I had come to know how others where making a living out their blog, so I thought why not do it and decided to go for it. In doing so, I changed my perception and way of working, which provided results quite quickly. Now by collaborating with promising Swiss individuals such as those behind the brand Mushu Clothing I feel that a new era has begun. I had discovered them on instagram (@mushuclothing) and instantly loved several of their items; so needless to say that I was more than happy to make this debut with them. Created not so long ago, but already making a strong impact by having the likes of Snoop Dogg and young Swiss talents wearing their clothes, Mushu is only starting. Just like me.

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T-Shirt MMXII MushuClothing | Box Handbag Asos

When did you start wanting to make money blogging ?


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2 years 11 months ago

Je lis absolument tous tes posts (grosse fan) mais je ne commente que très rarement. J’ai envie de te dire que tu as parfaitement raison de vouloir monétiser et professionnaliser ton activité sur le blog car comme tu l’as dit, cela prend beaucoup de temps de produire un contenu de qualité. Tout travail mérite salaire et je t’encourage dans ce sens. C’est aussi quelque chose auquel je réfléchis dans le cadre du développement de mon propre blog mais je pense qu’il faut toujours faire attention à ne pas tomber dans la spirale infernale des collaborations et continuer à servir ses… Read more »