Have you ever wondered where the time has gone? Did it happen to you this year? Because, I know it happens to me… A lot! Which is why I decided to do this mid-year review for 2020. Initially I had written this blogpost the first days of July, but I became hesitant as to share it or not. Then finally decided, I would. So I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you.

We all know how chaotic this first half of 2020 has been. To get clear with my advancement of the first half of this year I decided that it’d be good to do a mid-year review now. A mid-year review is something you do to assess the work that has been done. Today you are going to see the steps I took to evaluate my life  actions / productivity. I usually plan the upcoming year around October each year, which allows to finish the current year nicely. And begin the new one with satisfaction. This also allowed me to know that, EVEN IF I STARTED THE YEAR BADLY, it would end better. The same goes for this year, YOU can still make it work. So let’s go and see what has happened from January to June this year.

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First, there cannot be a mid-year review without mentioning the theme for year (at least in my book). And for 2020, it is HEALTH. And by Health, I mean health in every tiny aspects of my life. 

But enough with that. Here’s what you wanted.


A mid-year review is usually used in a professional and career development setting.

In the workplace you do a mid-year review in order to analyse the performances of the first six months of the year. It allows you to see the good the bad, what worked and what didn’t. But outside the workplace, you can pretty much apply this process to a lot of things. Your life included.


The mid-year review is a moment when you look back at your previous six months, process and analyse everything that has happened. It is a time of acknowledgment. Acknowledgment of the past and the present to recalibrate and be better focused on the future. The mid-year review will inspire you to do better (and even more). It provides you with the opportunity to celebrate and recognize your accomplishments.

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In these time of crisis, and lockdown due to Coronavirus, I have felt so blessed to be in my studio flat in Switzerland. It has provided me with the peace and the space I needed for the chaotic beginning of 2020.


Getting back on YouTube

I have gotten back to publishing videos on YouTube and I really want to stick to it. It is an achievement because it took me a long time to take the step and go from thinking about it to actually doing it.


I have officially started talking and announcing my business which I started in 2019 to my family, friends and network.

Working & Side hustles

These months I really did a great job at making extra money with my business and side hustles.



I had the goal to read one book per month (twelve in total for the year), but this year I totally failed. Lack of will, readers block!? A mix of many things.


I have been trying forever and ever. But here too, I have failed. Now is time to try new  tactics.

Job searching

I did a pretty bad job at sending out CV the first six months. Finally, the very last days of June, I have started looking for a job in my expertise, but most importantly I have ACTUALLY been sending my CV.


Like many others, I had big travel dreams for 2020. But needless to say that those dreams have crashed and burn. My destinations where mostly international. Considering the actual situation, I am not even keen on travelling IN Europe. So for now, we will explore Switzerland. Or at least, try to.

Language learning

One of my goals for 2020 was to get back to studying Korean, and to do so rigorously. But I haven’t even really try that hard. Let’s do better!


  1. Reaching one of my financial target.
  2. Increasing my investments.
  3. Starting a fund for a future business.
  4. Officially announcing my marketing agency. 
  5. Starting a new YouTube channel about marketing & entrepreneurship


Listen to your body

From December to February, I worked so much that I crashed and burnt. Just like my international travel dreams for 2020. I had to take a one-month break after that to fully recover.

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Get rid of your expectations for people.

I have decided to care less and decrease (and eliminate when needed) the expectations I have for people around me in general. Because I am way too sensible to deal with the many things that I consider to be deceptions.

Related to that, I am stopping/stopped trying to bend myself over to please them.

It is the end of me giving for what I am not receiving.

book and computer on bed made of wood pallet with white sheets in a room full of green plants


This is the second time you find environment in this blog post. And there is a reason why.

I am true believer of environment. And I believe that they are the biggest keys behind most of our successes which is why I explore it more than once here.

Your environment is very important so you should have or build a good psychological and physical environment for yourself.

People & places

I have spent most of my time at home. I was always with the company of myself or my companion and spent a fair amount of time with a friend who came to live with me.

The time spent with most people and myself have always felt wisely used. Most moments were healing, entertaining, great for self-growth or nourishing relationships.

So far, the companies I have had been positive.

tree in the middle of the scenery reflecting into water under the stars and full moonlight


I didn’t really have any predetermined habit goals for 2020. But at some point I had to integrate some when I started having insomnia for a whole month. Then I had to develop habits/routines to help me ease into the night and prepare my body to welcome the sleeping fairy.


Become a pro at batching content

Become a pro at batching content in order to be more consistent with posting here on Turning Point and on its related YouTube channel. But also on my social media platforms.

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Develop good habits

Develop good habits that sticks. The plan is that they help me achieve my goals in life; personal and professional. Or any others for that matter.

Journal daily

This really helps me with clarity + with achieving and tracking my goals.


Organize wardrobe, notebooks, apps on phone, files on the computer

Have you done a mid-year review yet?  Now is the time to look at your goals for 2020 and perhaps have a reset or an adjustment.

It’s not too late to go over the past 6-7 months, review what worked and what didn’t. It’s not too late to revisit your goals and have a reset.

Let me know in the comments if you do or have already done it. You can also DM me on Instagram or via email.

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