Sometimes we get blocked and we are in need of inspiration; and others times, we just feel like scraping the web in search of beautiful inspirational pictures to look at. And for that, today I am telling you about my 6 websites and apps to get inspiration from.

  • Editorial
  • WeHeartIt
  • Stylecaster
  • Madame Le Figaro
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Depending on where you are from, some of these you might know, others not. But I’ll give you a small run down of what each one of them is for.

EDITORIAL – Magazine Zalando

Editorial is a magazine page owned by Zalando. I love the visual there, very bright, structured and colorful.

Editorial delivers news, inspirations, stories and guide, all related to fashion.

There you can read about the latest innovation of adidas, the life story of Jordan Dunn and other models, discover new designers or simply enjoy and get inspired by the well made imagery. The website being in German, watching is pretty much the only thing you will be doing if you don’t speak the language.


Visit the website here –> Zalando – Editorial


This one a 100% inspiration. We<3It is a big community of people sharing images. You can just scroll and see the pictures of people you are following. Or watch them by choosing or typing a tag name.

Visit the website here –> WeHeartIt


This is my go to website for to see what others are doing in terms of fashion, and styling. You can spend a lot of time on this website as they have so much content. Plus I looove their graphics.

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Visit the website here –> Stylecaster


Madame Le Figaro is the most serious of them all, in terms of aspects, but also in terms of content. First of all, Madame Figaro is a french website. Secondly, in top of being able to read quality fashion content, you can also read about the latest news in business and society. These are the very few aspects I point, just visit the website to see the full scope of what Madame offers. It pretty awesome.

Visit the website here –> Madame Le Figaro


And at last, Pinterest and Instagram. I left these for the end as I figured, they’re so popular, they don’t need any presentation 🙂


Where do you go, to get inspiration?

xo, Stéph

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