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In stores, the sales are either over or almost finished. When they are not over, you have to be very lucky in order to find something which fits you. Moreover, have you seen the state in which boutiques get when it’s sale season? Horrific. Only pros and those who are very, very patient can find their way through the mess and chaos. Of course, most often you will see boards which indicates what is where such as “Dresses under…”. But at the end of the day when clothes are scattered everywhere, you still get lost. Because even the salesperson can’t keep up.

So today, because summer isn’t over yet and because we want to find something that is to our size without the hustle, here are 9 dresses under 30.- chf chosen on 4 online shops. Amongst which are Bonprix, Esprit, Gap and Kohls. You will find all these pieces in the sales of each boutique, if you want to have a bigger choice of dresses or any other types of apparel.

For this I tried to pick out a few pieces which are convenient both for summer and fall. In terms of colors you will find blue, black, camel, white and pink. Whereas for style, there’s a romper, a beach dress and sweater dresses. The latter is a bit hot to wear in the summer during the day, but they are perfectly adequate for the evening and even better to make the transition from summer to fall.

White & Pastels

1 Esprit 2 Bonprix 3 Bonprix

Blues & Camel

1 GAP 2 Esprit 3 Esprit


1 Bonprix 2 Kohls 3 Bonprix

Hope you enjoyed the selection and the read.

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xo, Stéph

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