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There are some habits I had in the past that I liked, but lost when starting university. Now having no university and no commuting to do, I have a lot of freedom on handle my calendar and my schedule. That freedom allows me now to return all the little routines of my everyday life. These are simple routines, but they make the difference.

This year we’ve started a new habit with some friends, and it’s called “Brunch“. Usually on Sundays. We basically meet up and spend the day brunching together at one of my friend’s places.

My perfect Sunday is what I call the “Me Day” or “Beauty Day”. I will basically dedicate it to my beauty and pampering routine, when I’m not out. It will mainly go as follow:

  • Care, moisturizing and styling my hair. Although often overlooked, is the most important routine of my week.
  • Body care
  • If there is time, manicure.

… Then in the middle of all this: watching tv series (while waiting with my a hair mask on my head), listening music, podcasts on iTunes (I listen every morning upon awakening), blogging and reading either online blogs/magazines or a book.

… And of course eating, a warm meal with some juice or a glass of wine.

What is your perfect Sunday or day?


PS: Except for the picture in black&white, these pictures are filter and haven’t been photoshopped, how amazing are they?

chilling_sunday, stephanie_guillaume, sg_turning_point_com

chilling_sunday, fashion_blogger, turning_point, sgturningpointcom

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