Hi 🙂 Today I find you for an update of the blog, which is also somewhat of a blogging status. 

If you are new to this blog and you do not know me, let me introduce myself.

My name is Stéphanie, I am the author of this blog, Turning Point. Here I am talking about travel, I share my passion for South Korea (more precisely Seoul), fashion inspirations and a bit of my life. And if you are wondering about my blog’s address (URL), SG is for my initials (first name, last name) and Turning Point is the name of the blog, which you can read more about here. You are welcome and I hope that you enjoy this article and that it will be useful to you.

The truth

As you may have noticed (if you’ve been around for a long time) it’s been a while since I stopped posting and writing articles. Aside from the ones I recently published about my trip to Vietnam and lately the ones I shared about Fashion Week. However it’s been since September 2018 since I hadn’t posted anything and thus the reason why I felt like a blogging status post would be a nice to have now.

The truth is that I got was stucked.

After writing an article in 2015 on why I do not make money with my blog, I had decided to take a different approach with blogging and then treat it like a professional hobby with which I could win, partly, in financial independence. Something I started doing. Unfortunately this did not last very long. And that due partly to personal reasons and also to organization.


Since my article Silence, until the beginning of this year (Jan./Feb.) 2019, I confess that I was not in my best emotional and mental state. Which lead to many blocks and blurred moments from last year and even many other times during these last 5 years. And this time, it was a big one.

I was in a difficult time in my life where I had to think, heal and find myself. And this phase of my life proved to be very difficult to reconcile with blogging, for which I had lost all desires. I was no longer inspired, I did not feel like writing any articles, I did not know what to write my articles on. For social networks it was the same. I even stopped Instagram. I decided to take a break around November of last year, because in fact it turned out that I was tired of Instagram and I did not want to be on this platform anymore. I even wanted to delete my account because I no longer had the motivation, the strength, or the desire to take photos and create content. In addition, I have a large stock of content, which I have never shared on the blog nor on social media, so it further reduced my desire to create for this platform.

I also recorded a video for Instagram TV where I explained the reason for my absence and also thanked the people who had contacted me by DM and showed their support in the comments of two posts shared in this framework. The video lasted 23 minutes.. a little bit uncomfortable! I finally decided not to post it. Maybe one day I would film it again, but from another angle.

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Now I am back and in good shape. 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

Moving forward

So after having made the decision in 2015 to blog more professionally, I began to see my first monetary incomes. These amounts of money that I’ve earned thanks to my blog were equalling 4 figures total which is nice for a beginning. I was veeery happy!

Today I think that I have matured but I also have learned a lot about blogging from my beginnings until now, so that’s why I want to continue this blog and try one last time to do things the right way (as much as possible) and see where that will take us.

And now is the part where I tell you about what I have in store for you in the future on this blog.

What’s in store?

  • I will continue to make contents about my travels and the adventures around the world. From guides, to videos, to tips.
  • I will continue to publish content about South Korea and Seoul. Also guides, videos, tips on How to Travel in Korea, Things to do in Seoul and share all the my stories and interestings things I know about Korean culture with you:
  • I will still make fashion blog post about fashion weeks, brands, tips, shopping and coupon codes.
    • But this one is a little bit tricky as I want to write about it anymore. I still love fashion, but although fashion was at the heart of why I created this blog in the beginning, I confess to have lost my motivation today to write on this subject. Though I still like to share my looks and style inspirations, in the meantime, I will be exploring how I can rekindle my wish to write about fashion and IF I can do it again.
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If you have questions about the things mentioned in this blogging status article or if there’s something special you would like to read on this blog, you can leave a comment here or tell me by DM on social media at @SGTurningPoint

Something new

  • and the novelty, is the content on blogging. I will be crafting and sharing more content about blogging; my mistakes and what you can learn from them, as well as share various tools that can help you in your blogging journey.

That’s all for me today and for this blog post about my blogging status Turning Point. 

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