I welcome you on the brand new version of Turning Point. A new skin, clean, fast and easy to use. For those who are used to visit Turning Point, the change must be pretty obvious. And big. Imagine that I started thinking about making this big change since mid year. Thanks to your comments, the decision wasn’t very difficult.

On this new version you still have the categories “Fashion and Lifestyle“, but the sub-categories have changed a little. In addition you will also find the “Travel” category displaying continents and countries where I have travelled or will be travelling, along with the “Seen in” page; which highlights all the websites I have been featured in and the brands I have collaborated with. Last, but not least, you can switch the website from French to English. You will find on the top right-hand column a little button which allows you to make that change.

These changes on the blog go hand in hand with the realization of a journey I have been wanting to make for a very very long time. As I am writing to you, I am sitting in a living room in Cap-Haitien, Haïti, where I was born. However, my journey started days before in Copenhagen. After that I stopped by New York City, where I stayed 24 hours and now we’re here, Haiti. My next stop and which was truly supposed to be the beginning of my travel will be Mexico, then followed by South Korea. This trip will last approximately 4months and it’s main focus is to immerse myself in both the spanish/mexican and korean culture so that I can improve my language skills.


I am really very happy about the prospect of the coming months and the fact that I can actually share it with you here on the blog, and on social medias such as snapchat/instagram [turningblog] makes it even more special. There’s even a youtube channel that I have now created [TurningPoint TV [youtube.com/SGTurningPoint]], where you can start subscribing. I had said that I would open one, it’s done. Hence you will also find the category “Video” in the menu bar.

The purpose of this channel will be to share with you videos of my travels, and in the future some lifestyle and music videos. Amongst the first videos that I will post (either Thursday this week or the next), there will be those about my last trip to Seoul with my sister in October. Just like I mentionned in a previous blogpost. So watch this space 😉

PS: Up until now, I knew absolutely nothing about video editing xD Just started playing with it couple of days ago 😀

I hope that you have spent great moments with your family and friends during the holiday season. May this year bring you all the best thing your heart desires. 

PS+: Oh!! And I almost forgot, I am also working on a boutique where you will be able to shop items selected by me and also shop my latest look from the blog (or just look).

xo, Stéphanie

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