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* 15 Pair Of Sunglasses For Summer *

Sunglasses For Summer

I remember the times when the quest for the PER-FECT pair of shades used to be tiresome.

How To Wear White

White On White

I really really like white clothes, you can see for yourself based on my earlier article Back Again,


Just wanted to do a flash outfit of the day post to share with you to you one of my go to,

* Outfit | All Black *

As a women what is easier and quicker to pull of than an “all black” outfit. Seriously. On top of that it is the best color if you want get that slimming body effect.

* A P R I L ‘ S L O O K BOOK *


I have only posted three outfits during the month april.


Hellooo! How’s your Monday so far? You know, sometimes we have these little obsessions which takes us by surprise. You see something and in your head it’s clear “I HAVE TO HAVE IT!”

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