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* Brand Crush | Bless’ed Are The Meek *

Hey guys, I would like to introduce to you the brand “Bless’ed are the meek“, if you don’t know them already.


Today’s outfit is like a casual, comfy look. Both the T-Shirt and the maxi skirt are from Primark, remember them in my previous articles on London’s Fashion Weekend.

* Spring Fling *

Hello my dearest! Hoping you’ve had a wonderful weekend so far.
I have a super colorful and joyful outfit for you today.

* May Wishlist *

Hello! Haaappy Thursday! So I wanted to share with you today my May Wishlist. It’s basically my picks of things I would like get during the month of May.

* Heart Bustier *

Hello everyone,

Here I am with another outfit 🙂 I have to say,

* Little Bows & White Dress *

Hi everyone,

It’s Friday! Yeayy! Hope you will have a great weekend. I will be spending mine singing (Yes,

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