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Turning Point is a website dedicated to Fashion tips, Travel destinations & Korean Culture. Written by Haitiano-Swiss Stéphanie Guillaume, living in Switzerland.

* 2014 *

Hellooo my dearest!

It is 2014! The first seven days of a new year, with many more days to come.

Silence – When life leaves nothing but emptiness

Chers lecteurs, Chères lectrices,
Excusez mon absence, je vous avais promis lors de mon dernier article d’être plus présente,

* Inspiration | Flowers, Feathers, Marilyn Monroe & 이하이 *


A Femme fatale, a living fantasy, yet such a tragic ending.
Une Femme fatale, un rêve vivant,

* May Wishlist *

Hello! Haaappy Thursday! So I wanted to share with you today my May Wishlist. It’s basically my picks of things I would like get during the month of May.

* New Nikon D7000 For Beautiful Blog Picture *

Dear readers,

This weekend I decided to invest into a GOOD camera in order to improve the quality of the blog and make it look the most professional possible.

* Starting the blog *

Hello everyone,

And welcome to my blog’s second life.

We will be talking about fashion and all things pretty ^^

If you want to know a little bit about the meaning of this blog’s title,

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