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Dear readers,

Christmas is around the corner, and each year, we asks ourselves the same questions. Trying to decide what to buy for whom. A task that sometimes might reveal being difficult. Well, I’ve decided to come back with a couple of gift guides for this end of the year. So if you haven’t bought anything yet, you are in the right place to get inspired.

Those who have already dealt with this difficult task are also welcome! And you can share with us you good finds for this years Christmas gifts.


Cher lecteurs, Chères lectrices,
Noël arrivent à grand pas, et comme chaque année, nous nous posons les mêmes questions. “Que vais-je acheter comme cadeau cette année?” Pas de panique, pour cette fin d’année je vous propose un petit guide de cadeaux de Noël. Si vous vous sentiez en manque d’inspiration, vous êtes au bonne endroit.

Même si vous vous êtes déjà occupé de cette dure tâche, vous êtes les bienvenue!  Et vous pouvez nous raconter les belles trouvailles que vous avez faites cette année.


Luichiny Mar Lah Boots *
Betsey Johnson Bikerr Boots *
Forever21 Jacket *
NastyGal Crystal Sky Necklace *
Forever21 Shoulder Bag *

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8 Responses
  • There were several colors, but this one really stood out. I think it gives the dress all its charm.
    xo Stéphie

  • Colleen
    09 . 12 . 2013

    such a cute dress!(: gorgeous

    <3 Colleen

  • Lubka Christova
    10 . 12 . 2013

    Very nice choice of outfit 🙂 I like the little glitter contrasting with classy bold pieces!
    Can I invite you to participate in the #purposeblogger this season? 🙂

    Blogger World Project

  • Hello Lubka! Thank you 🙂
    Yes I would like to participate in the #purposeblogger, but it won’t be anything big. Then again like you and Tesco said: “Every little helps”. Counts!

    xo Stéphie

  • Lubka Christova
    12 . 12 . 2013

    Cool! :)) I’m not doing anything too big either, but it’s better than nothing.

  • Quite nice isn’t it!? 🙂

  • Aurora Berill
    12 . 12 . 2013

    I love this jacket!

  • Meg W
    15 . 12 . 2013

    LOVE that dress. I want something sparkly for christmas 🙂


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