La Redoute x Brigitte Bardot, Sézanne, Jeanne Damas |Spring Summer 2015 Collection

La Redoute Spring Summer 2015 Collection

Entrance into a radient sunny room occupied by white little tables and chairs, pastel colors, pinky flowers and charmfull cristal clear bottle of water. This is the room I stepped in when I entered into my Playground’s den. A joyful and warm welcome it was. The idea was to make us feel spring. I can say without hesitation “Mission accomplished!”


Now back to topic,

The collection spring summer 2015 is full of surprise. Yes, full of surprise. This spring get ready to arbor your Tropical look with Safary Chic, Sport Chic with Brigitte Bardot, or your total Blue look trend. By collaborating with Sézanne, Jeanne Damas, Polder or Brigitte Bardot LA REDOUTE has brought you a casual yet playful collection for this spring summer season. These collections are the perfect mix for the girl looking to be comfortable yet stylish or going for a “Chic, but no stress” look. With its flowers in print, in sequin the tropical look will make you want to go on an adventure; you want the perfect fresh french girl look then go for Jeanne Damas but to be a total Sport Chic beauty choose BB’s collection with its perfect pastel colored pants and neat blazers. Many other designers awaits you, such as Mademoiselle R for Liberty London the british house, Avril Gau for Laura Clément, Punk.B for Soft Grey.
To see more of this collection, visit LAREDOUTE by clicking on the link provided further below.

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Discover all the collection at LA REDOUTE

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