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If you are a fashionista, you know that every stylish girls closet needs this fashion staple: the motorcycle jacket. It is the ultimate piece that will make your girlish outfit look tougher and edgier. Moreover, there is nothing like a motorcycle jacket to achieve a sleek and sexy finish look. So get ready, as today I give you advices not only on wearing the motorcycle jacket but on how to wear a color-block motorcycle jacket.

Usually the motorcycle jacket comes in all black, but when I bought mine, I thought it would spice up my wardrobe collection to have a motorcycle jacket with colors. The two tone – light pink and light blue sleeves – gives it a fresh colorful twist. Which in the end will bring more life to my outfit. In essence, there is not a huge difference between wearing the one tone and the color-block motorcycle jacket. The important is that when wearing a color-block, you have to be more careful about the colors you will choose to associate it with. For that, you may get inspired by list of advices below.

If you don’t have a color-block motorcycle jacket already, after read this and seen all the pictures, you will want to get one for yourself.



    If you have a cropped motorcycle jacket, wear it with a cropped top/sweater plus a pair of long and loose pants. Preferably high-waisted.


    Go for the ballerina dress with sneakers style. If you don’t have this type of dress, just pair a tulle skirt with an assorted top and your jacket, to achieve a Rock princess look.


    Sport a pair of jeans with a velvet body and sandals. Or a velvet dress with underneath a t-shirt topped with your colorblock jacket.


    For something more classic, a T-Shirt, jeans, flats shoes and the motorcycle jacket will do the work.
    To give a more serious vibe or slay on a daily basis, just add a pair of sunglasses.


    Go full on leather and emulate my style. Color-block leather jacket, leather skirt, and a crochet lace up body.

NOTE – My one advice for pairing a color-block jacket, with anything. Choose a neutral base color; instinctively I go for either black, white or grey. Use this color for your entire outfit. Otherwise choose a one color or several color that can be found on your jacket only and stick to them to build the rest of the look.







Pictures by Caius

xo, Stéph

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  • Viki
    11 . 10 . 2016

    Amazing article from The most Amazing and sexy ( that shirt is a killer !!) girl I ever known!!

  • Mel
    11 . 10 . 2016

    Niiiiiice Steph! Ton article et tes photos sont au top! #clapclap

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