* Editorial + Feature for Magazines and Brands *

Editorial + Feature for Magazines and Brands

Last year in December, as I was getting ready to pass my exams,  I couldn’t stop thinking about one thing. My objective for 2015. Not a resolution, a goal. My mind was set on increasing my collaborations and features for Turning Point. Right before hit 2015, that wish started to see the light of the day. I was getting an email from Julia Travchenko, and so it began…

–>> Feature <<–


This first feature was late December 14, on Rich Club Girl, blog of Julia Travchenko. It was an interview 6 Amazing Bloggers  me included which she featured on her blog for the holidays.

Read it here:: 6 Amazing Bloggers – Holiday Greetings.

Editorial + Feature for Magazines and Brands, Turning Point Blog feature, rich club girl blog, julia travchenko


The second was in a Swiss webzine called “The Daily Fresh” created by Jocelyne Nkiambi. The Daily Fresh is an online magazine targeting the Afro population in Switzerland. The article featured 5 female Afro-Swiss bloggers and vloggers.

Read it here:: Top 5 Blogueuses-Vlogueuses Afro


The following was the third of the year on the third month for Guess Watches. They actually posted about me on their Facebook page, twice this same month.

See it here:: First feature and here:: Second Feature

guess watches 1, Editorial + Feature for Magazines and Brands, facebook, guess watches facebook page, turning point blog feature, feature, editorial feature, fashion blog, fashion blogger, swiss bloggerguess watches 2, Editorial + Feature for Magazines and Brands, facebook, guess watches facebook page, turning point blog feature, feature, editorial feature, fashion blog, fashion blogger, swiss blogger


Then came my first time with a foreign magazine, the Bizart Magazine. A french online publication delivering high quality content about art, fashion and lifestyle.

Read my interview here:: Turning Point For Bizart


And a second…magazine interview. Nu Icons established in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland. They premiered this issue by celebrating its coming out at the Fashion Hotel in Zurich, as it was their first time ever publishing.


BTW, the magazine is in German. Just so you know, in case you want to get a copy.
See my a little VIDEO here: Nu Icons Mag

–>> Collaborations <<–


During a little trip to Paris at the time of Fashion week, my friend and I did a little style collaboration with the gentlemen of Mr. Afropolitan, as well as a shooting with one of their friend’s Kizzy, designer and founder of a KMN Lifestyle.


With Bizart Magazine not only was it my first time being interviewed for a magazine, but it was also the first time EVER that I was offered the opportunity to write an article too. The choice of subject was handed to me, and so I chose to write a piece about the Afro-European trend in Fashion titled: “FASHION FORWARD/THE AFRICAN TOUCH“.

Read it here:: The African Touch by Stéphanie for Bizart Mag

PS: It is written in french. If you want to read it in English, just send me an email or ask me in the comment section below.

Editorial + Feature for Magazines and Brands, FASHION FORWARD/THE AFRICAN TOUCH, bizart magazine, paris, FASHION FORWARD, THE AFRICAN TOUCH, Turning Point Blog feature 2, african fashion, african influence


At last, a week or so ago I published an article in collaboration with Wolford. It is a brand of luxury tights and hosiery that you can find in several countries/cities. We actually have one here in the city center of my town.

Read and See this here:: Tights For Spring

More features & collabs coming soon…

  • A feature in an international magazine.
    Clue: Well known french magazine, but is also based in Switzerland


  • You will soon be able to track all the brands, magazines, blogs etc…with which I work or have worked.
  • How? A new page is being created. You will find everyone listed there.


Read the whole issue of BIZART MAGAZINE down there::

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