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Women Against Mutilations | Fashion For A Good Cause Part 2

Amiira Neff

In this part 2 of WAM, I wanted you to meet the person behind the event and Association, Madam Amira Neff. Amira is a women right fighter and politically orphan. she is the founder of the association Women Against Mutilations that is active in Switzerland and Africa, from East to West; as well as Aoneff design & collection, founded in Switzerland – Montreux in 2013.

And let’s not forget, Amira is moreover a mother and woman in her spare time.

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A few questions to Amiira

How and when did you came up with the idea of the association?

It is my story as a women from here there that gave the idea. I was young and sensible at the solidarity and social justice, to not say facts and gender equality. Coming from a migrant and stateless family, my story is rich. Furthermore, my personal journey at the United Nations gave me the opportunity to study profoundly the question of identity of women from all around.

Do you find it difficult at times to cope with all those aspects of your life?

Of course, nothing is granted in life. Everything is struggle and hard fight! But be reassured, if you have a positive vision of life’s difficulties; things work better.

What would you say to young women wishing to accomplish as much as you?

I have no advice to give, I have always told my children to do with passion whatever they do! And that our first choices determine our way in life and most of all our path. So let’s be conscious and do things with passion and determination. They’re the key successes to being happy and achieved! At last, I wish to thank all the women supportive of this project and all women should be part of this initiative.



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Women Against Mutilations Foundation. Gala 2014, Montreux, Eden Palace Hotel







–> Part 1. sujet: WAM | Fashion For A Good Cause

Where to find WAM
Website: www.womenagainstmutilations.com
Where: Montreux, Switzerland

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