Fashion Week Milan Part 1

Vintage Style & Adding Extra Pieces

This is my first day and first time stepping foot in Milan’s FW. I carry such a fun and great memory of that day. I remember how impressed I was of seeing the crowd of photographers and observers when I arrived near the Armani building where the few shows would take place. I was even more astonished when Anna Dello Russo‘s car arrived and she got out; OH MY GOD! Needless to say this got the photographers into a frenzy. It was typically the type of scene that you are (I am) used to see on TV but you never really imagine or feel what it is quite like, until you experience it. Everyone wanted a piece of Dello Russo, in her magnificent green feathered backless dress.

Yolicia (the friend who I travelled with) and me where there, observing, commenting, wondering while also being photographed.

“Unexpected pieces”

That day, I wore that cream and turquoise pastel colored dress. When I put the pieces together, I had no idea how it would look. It ended up giving me this vintage result, that reminded me a bit of the 20’s-30’s style. Note that I was super happy with the result, as I love that era’s style. The special thing about this look is that I added a collar on top of the dress. A creamy white embroidered collar. When I can, I like to add one unexpected piece to my outfits. In this case the collar is a perfect addition, because just by looking at the picture we might think that is it part of the dress when it isn’t. That’s the result you should be looking for when you are mixing pieces and bits together.

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