I always like to discover new brands. In fact, I had done a mini series called “Brand Crush” on the blog in the past where I would present a brands I liked. Today is kind of the same idea, except that it is my wishlist of things I like from a brand I freshly discovered. And this brand is NA-KD, a fast growing, famous Swedish clothing e-commerce.

  1. I have many pairs of black jeans, but for some reason, I always feel attracted by them.
  2. There’s no surprise in me loving this pair of boots signed Jeffrey Campbell. The story of my fashion preferences will teach you, that I absolutely adore Campbell’s shoes. In fact I had to force myself looking at anything Jeffrey, cause I would see me everyday on solestruck.com and other website’s checking out his last models. With obviously the intent to buy.
  3. This jacket is not only a beautiful model, but it is made of suede which I find to be a very chic and classy material that has its own particular charm.
  4. In winter or summer, there’s always a way to wear a négligé.
  5. Don’t even get me started on this beauty. Just open my wardrobe and you will understand why. Simply exquisite. #FauxFurCoatLoveAffair
  6. F E A R L E S S.   Wear it. Say it. Become it.

Click on image OR link below

1. Jeans HERE / 2. Boots HERE / 3. Jacket HERE / 4. Top HERE / 5. Jacket HERE / 6. Sweater HERE

xo, Stéph

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