Hike to Oeschinen Lake, Kandersteg, Switzerland

For Pentecost, a friend and I decided to go on a hike to the Oeschinen Lake in Kandersteg, Switzerland. And it was an absolute delight!

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We hiked for about one hours and twelve minutes to get to the lake.

At that time the cable was not available, but it will be mid-June.

I am not a sportive person so the hike was challenging. A little bit difficult at times, but once we arrived I realised it was actually OK. So TOTALLY feasible.

Also I believe it was my first hike in years.

Where is Oeschinen Lake?

Located above Kandersteg, which is in the Bernese Oberland at 1200 metres high.

The Oeschinen Lake is a mountain lake fed by the torrents of the clacier from the surrounding peaks of more than 3000 meters Blüemlisalp, Oeschinenhorn, Fründenhorn and Doldenhorn.

It is an alpine lake for hiking and ice fishing as well as a true paradise for water, nature and hiking lovers.

A few points about Oeschinen Lake

  • Cable car
  • Hiking trials to the lake
  • Alphüsi Food Truck
  • Restaurant & Hotel

How long is the hike?

In general information, it said that the hike lasts one hour and thirty minutes.

Although my friend and I (both of us, absolutely not sportive) reached the lake after one hour and twelve minutes.

If you are used to hiking, you can or perhaps will do it in less time.

What can you do there?

Once at Oeschinen Lake, you can:

  1. have a meal at one of the restaurants
  2. bring your own picnic and eat while enjoying the views and fresh air
  3. fish. But careful, you need to have a licence which you can get either from the tourist office or in one of the restaurants at the lake.
  4. enjoy an ice cream from one of the two different shops there
  5. swim in the fresh water
  6. use gondola and rowing boats
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Or, you can continue the hike, for even better (uphill) view of the lake and mountains.

Actually, I have also seen someone paragliding. Though I am not sure that is something which is offered directly on the premises.

On your way up there, you will enjoy fresh air, a beautiful scenery, colourful butterflies and cute flowers.

My experience walking and hiking in Kandersteg, Oeschinen

The hike and walk was actually easier than I thought.

We were tired tired at times, but it only lasted a few minute or two.

The road is steep here and there, but there are alternatives.

Once we arrived at the top, we proceeded to go to the first Food Truck/Stand. Bought a Currywurst and a beer each. Then we sat down on a bench made out if half a tree and ate while admiring the view and the groups of people around us.

After eating, kept on walking. We wanted to find the most memorable spots to enjoy different scenery of the mountains as well as the lake.

And we found them.

A couple laying on the ground in the mountain sleeping in the middle of pine trees
Pretty blue Oeschinen Lake

After taking a few pictures, my friend and walked a bit further. To the very extremity of the lake. It was less crowded there.

We sat down on the grass, on the rocks, close to the lake. And my friend even walked into the water barefoot to enjoy it’s freshness.

Once we were ready to go, we went back to the arrival area, where all the restaurants are. And we each ordered an ice cream.

Watch the Oeschinen Lake, Kandersteg Youtube video!

How to get to Oeschinen Lake, Kandersteg?

  1. Take the train to Kandersteg
  2. From Kandersteg station, do the hike 100% by foot or take the cable car (if available)
Swiss public transport. CFF SBB train.


3718 Kandersteg


+41 (0)33 675 80 80
+41 (0)33 675 80 81
[email protected] 



You can book a hotel HERE with Booking.

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Have you been to Kandersteg, Oeschinen? What is/are your favorite hiking destination?

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