Wanting to grow the blog more and more day after day, by bringing you more content within my niche. Not only style and trends but also Korean related posts, it becomes important to keep my head up and manage everything the best possible way. And one of the principal key to maintain and work well with a blog, is organisation. Key we need in our everyday life. Which is why today, I am giving you a little insight on how I organise for my blog.

When it comes to blogging, my best partner is a calendar. It is absolutely primordial to have a calendar to have a global view of your blogging week or month (depending on how you work).

Notebook on Facebook 2.0HOW I DOSpiral Calendar on Facebook 2.0

My block-note

I usually always have a block-note and a pencil with me. In it write every idea of blogposts, of visuals, or videos. Basically anything that is related to Turning Point.

My calendar

Then I go ahead in my calendar,  paper or electronic, and schedule.

In my electronic calendar I schedule my entire month. It serves me more as a guideline. In my paper calendar I schedule my week (current or coming). Each time something is done, I cross it. Crossing off of my list is the most satisfying feeling. I personally use several calendars and block notes. Several block notes for different aspects of my life. Plus several calendars, for different ways of projecting myself in the future. And quite frankly, it is pretty easy and cheap to get your hands on one. Plus if you want to have a calendar that no one else has you can get a personalized one that you can create on websites such as Color Foto Service.

Why different calendar?

  • My electronic one, which is  my  google sheet Editorial calendar. For monthly preview. It is easily modified.
  • My paper calendar, because I prefer to handle hard touchable paper then see a screen.
  • And finally my DIY calendar. Post it’s on my door representing my week. So that every morning I am automatically reminded of what I have to do.

And you, how do you manage you blogging?

Do you use a calendar?

xo, Stéph

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