How To Create Your Own Style

Fashion and styles get renewed, recycled throughout the years so that  the trends adapt to the evolving market tastes. Few exemples amongst others are: Gingham or Birkenstocks sandals which exist since nearly 130 years ( the brand on the other has been here since 1774) became popular only after being recently supported by stars such as the model Heidi Klum.

Just like brands, you to have the power to adapt the trends to your tastes and by doing so, innovate your own styles. Just like I did for today’s outfit by adapting the things surrounding me to create the look I was looking for.

I wish to pass two messages through this article which are:

  1. If you don’t have what you want, create it!
  2. Learn to adapt to different situations.

Notice that these two advices are applicable not only for this but also to many aspects of life. Because you can ALWAYS get what you want, only the way you go about them will change.

How To Adapt

The Panettone Story

Here I was in Paris in my hôtel room, looking through my suitcase like a whirl, searching for THAT THING which will give my outfit that final touch you know. The “Waoww” effect. Except that, my head lost in all these clothes, I couldn’t find…that thing. So I get up, scratch my head a little bit irritated, turn in round, and THERE I saw it. THE PANETTONE! Yes, yes the panettone! (don’t know what you were expecting). Around the package was a cute burgundy ribbon that would make me the most happy (I don’t need much to be happy).


So there it is, today’s OOTD’s secret. I did my hairstyle with a Panettone ribbon, #SoWhat!

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Get The Look Here

xo Stéphanie 😉

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