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It is almost summer, and you know how we love to get ready and pretty from head to toe. In my article JOIE! I wrote about a local nail shop, in Lausanne. And today I want to give you an alternative, although not unknown, that can help you to do your nails at home. In these uncertain times, some of us are still a bit stressed or afraid to go out and keep our usual routines, such as go to the nail shop, for this reason, I wanted to share with you this article « Do your nails at home kit » a solution available in Switzerland and on the web.

Do your nails at home with Douglas

Not long ago, I was visiting the online shop of the perfumery company Douglas and stumbled on a product that immediately caught my attention. So much so that I added it to my wish list. This specific product is a nails at home kit that is called NeoNail. They offer a professional UV coloured nail polish that seems to be really on a next level. Having tried myself a simple nails at home kit, which I am not a 100% satisfied with, I was on the lookout for something else to try. Something more professional.

What do you need to do your nails at home?

In order to be able to do your nails at home like in the salon, with my favorite technique AKA the Gel nail polish. You need a gel nails kit. Here it is the NeoNail kit which is comprised of:

  • LED lamp with LCD screen 36 W / 48 W (1x)
  • Hard Base (7.2 ml) (1x)
  • Hard Top (7.2 ml) (1x)
  • Nail cleaner (50 ml) (1x)
  • Acetone (50 ml) (1x)
  • 100/180 trapeze polishing file
  • 100/180 trapezoid file
  • Cellulose 12 layers (250 units)
  • 5 Gel polish

How to do your nails at home with NeoNail?

Where to find Douglas?


At for Switzerland and for Germany

And the NeoNail products here

In Lausanne

Parfümerie DOUGLAS Lausanne
Rue de Bourg 33, 1003 Lausanne
021 625 44 29

What are your impressions of the nails at home kit NeoNail?

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