4 Simple Ways To Wear Denim

How To Wear A Denim Shirt

Did you know that Denim is actually the contraction of the French “serge de Nîmes”? Which is the jeans textile fabricated in the city of Nîmes, France. Denim, or “Toile de jeans” in French, is simply the well-known designation that qualifies the indigo colored textile we all know. Very much appreciated for its resilience, it is used in the 18th, 19th century by workers and cowboys. The denim will be then transformed for various usages, one of which being the jeans, that will later on become a phenomenon amidst teenagers of the 50’s.

The denim shirt or jacket is amongst one of the most casual and versatile piece of garments to wear. It can be worn up or down in various styles. You can put it with a pair of jeans, short, skirt, or even a dress…pretty much everything. Here I have decided to pair it with a leather skirt and cutout crop top, flat sliders and a Beango signed handbag.

I have chosen to wear my lace shirt in the classical “jacket style” way, but there are many possibilities to style your denim shirt. A few of which you can find below:

4 Other Simple Ways To Wear A Denim Shirt

Pictures: pinterest.com | stylecaster.com

Les Toiles

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Pictures by Aemy Nicolier

In collaboration with Les Toiles

What I Am Wearing

Denim Lace Shirt Moment Of Style | Leather Handbag Beango | Skirt Forever21 | Top H&M | Sliders Sandals Dorothy Perkins

Get This Look

Denim Lace Shirt MOS | Leather Handbag Beango

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How do you like to style your denim shirt?

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