How To Rock A Skater Skirt


  • I have always loved (slightly) flared skirt, which is the case of skaters skirts. They are super cute and feminine, plus they flatter all types of body shapes. You can wear them with anything you want. May it be a tank top, a blouse tucked inside or a body; with heels, flats or sneakers. In a skater skirt, your always look good.

Ladies! Use skater skirts to modify and adorn your body.

  • While one can wear the skater skirts with everything, it is not the same for the open side top. You need to be a bit more careful and have a little bit more flair, as some open side (tank) top are more opened than others. The key to rock this style will depend mostly on what you put under your top, but also down. Under your top you want to put a black top band or a black bra if you are going to wear one as colorful as me, but if it is a more neutral color like black, you can choose to play with color bras and top bands or stay with black. Then for the bottom, you have five choices: with a short, with a high-waisted short normal or tucked in, with a high-waisted jeans/pants and again the top inside, or like I did with a skater skirt and the tank tucked in. If nevertheless you choose to wear it out with a high-waisted jeans, pants, short or bodycon skirt, use a belt. Put it on you waist. The belt will emphasize your your body frame and put  in value your silhouette.







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