I hope you have started your week in a good mood and good shape. It has been a while, hasn’t it!? I know, I know. I disappeared from the blogosphere. But I am here now “In the life of a blogger”. With this series I hope to get closer to you by giving you a little insight of my life, so that we can connect and relate to each other.

Some of you have been wondering “What is she doing? Why isn’t she posting anymore?” Well as you know, I have been travelling lately. If you didn’t know, we need to change that IMMEDIATLY! While on this travel, the only thing I really wanted to do was ME. Just relax and think about nothing. Which I succeeded eventually. But being to addicted my laptop, social medias and youtube, it was a bit tricky sometimes. Before starting my travel, I had made my mind to film my adventure and start a youtube channel where I would share this part of my life with you. Hence I decided to focus only on that while travelling. Not blogging, nor thinking about Instagram and Twitter’s numbers. Though I did stick with the usual snapchat (turningblog).

This decision to take a partial break helped me to refocus. This way I could come back with new perspective, having had time to: take a step back, rest, refresh my ideas and shaken my Spirit. Now I am back, revived, ready to blog my way out of life!

This weekend, it has been 5 weeks since I came back from my travelling. It is kind of weird, because feel like it been a long time ago but the same time not so long. Ever since I came back, I set out to refocus myself as in: job looking, apartment looking, and also deciding whether to go back to study or not, when and what. I have also worked a little and taken on a new entrepreneurial journey with some friends. I will be able to tell you more about that in the future. As a sideline of that, I have been invited to several events such as Sephora, Morgan, Inglot x AfroSwiss Bloggers and an innovative beauty technology presentation by VenusConcept. I will also tell you a bit more about these in an other blog post. As of now, I have yet one other event in Zurich this week, a lot of article ideas of my travelling journey that I want to share with you. Without forgetting videos that I have awaiting. So all I can say is stick along and watch out this space.


Kisses, xo

I hope you like this new series “In the life of a blogger”, tell me what you think by leaving your comments below.

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