The joy of a manicure

Who would have thought that the simple fact of having my nails done would bring me such a joy!

Yesterday I went to have a manicure (semi-permanent nail polish) at the LAB BARBERSHOP in Vallon in Lausanne and it was the best decision I took that day. After telling myself repeatedly that I was going to do my nails myself, I decided to change tactics. And I did well, because this choice brought me huge satisfaction.

I was already existed when I got there. Inside: “like home”atmosphere and old school music in the background. I settled in and then let the friendly Mary take care of my forgotten little nails. All while chatting with her and drinking my hot tea. By the time she finished I was in heaven.

It was the first time I went there since they opened a month and a half ago, and before I went I already felt like I would go back 🙂 Next appointment, hair care!




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Place du Vallon 1, Lausanne

Oh yes!

The story is that because I am such a practical girl! I called them at 12:00 for  appointment “if possible” for the same day. Yes, yes, I’m that kind of person!
When Mary called me back to give me an hour, I still negotiated to get there before. But … do not do as I do! It was just lucky. And also, I paid 50.- CHF for this manicure.

xo, Stéph

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