* My first experience of Fashion Week | What I learnt *

Over two weeks I have been on the go with another blogger friend of mine. Today I want to share with you my feelings about my first time attending Fashion Week. I have always wanted to assist to fashion week even before I started blogging. This is probably something that most fashion blogger wish for.

So a while back, I undertook organizing my adventure; taking care of contacting and exchanging with brands and PR agencies. Setting our eyes on Paris and Milan, with a lot of work and time spent, so began the adventure. The first destination was Milan, then Paris.


My first experience in Milan was to say the least lovely. As I experienced for the first time, wearing my first outfit, the unfurling wave of photographers. Once one photographers has noticed you because he finds your outfit interesting, the others just come rushing, taking pictures all at the same time. The venues were always packed with photographers curious bystander and bunch of individuals who came to see the shows. On the other hand, Paris was very private. I have seen a flock of photographers only on my last day there, as I was heading back to Switzerland.

My few days in Paris were less hectic than in Milan, mostly because I got sick before arriving there. In both cities we’ve seen some pretty awesome creations on the runway. Something that was also identical to both Paris and Milan is the way you are treated, or perceived. Let me explain myself.


Even though I had put (so had my friend) a lot of time and energy into preparing the trip and we receive several confirmations / invitations for assisting to the show; some individuals who organized the shows made us feel like we were no one, that we couldn’t get in and that we had to wait, even though we had our confirmations as proof. I find this kind of situation to be  very embarrassing and upsetting, but as I am a person who’s calm and patient by nature, it was never really a problem for me to « wait ». This aspect of my personality balanced quite well with my friend’s who’s quite the opposite of mine. During these few days she and I were really the shock team.


What you should remember about fashion week:

Lesson n° 1

Wear your most magnificent, extravagant, provoking or out the ordinary outfit to get noticed.



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4 Responses
  • Wallace Yolicia
    13 . 03 . 2015

    This is really an incredible story and so well written! thanks for sharing that great adventure we spent together from Milan to Paris.
    Partner in crime <3
    Wallace Yolicia

    • Stéphanie Guillaume
      16 . 03 . 2015

      Thanks babe! 😉
      My pleasure partner <3
      xo Stéph

  • Leisy
    15 . 03 . 2015

    This really sounds interesting, stressfull but lots of fun! It’s nice to have a little insight on what’s going on there.
    Glad you are patient and calm during these kind of situations, I would probably have been super upset and angry due to my temper 😛 Btw I really love your outfits for those shows seen on Instagram. Good work!
    x, Leisy

    • Stéphanie Guillaume
      16 . 03 . 2015

      Yes I was a little bit stressful, don’t know if that’s the reasons but I even got sick when I came back home in between. I posting the outfits from this week, thank you for the support 🙂
      xo Stéph

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