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The Stay


A few months back, I traveled to Mexico and promised to tell you all about it. Today is the day.

I was in Mexico more precisely in Querétaro between January and February. My stay lasted 6 weeks, which went by incredibly fast.

Before I went to Querétaro, a few friends of mine had already moved there for a one-year university exchange. So I was lucky enough to have one of these friends, my classmate offering me to stay with her. The apartment was on two floors and quite spacious. Downstairs: kitchen, living room, dining room and a small terrace. Upstairs: three bedrooms, which were shared between a roommate, the girl who owns the apartment plus my friend and I. Situated in a nice gated area, it was only 5 to 10 minutes walk from the university “Institute Technológico de Monterrey in Querétaro”. When going to our usual spots: city center, clubs or shops, it would take between 5 to 15 by taxi. Depending on where we where going.


Spanish Classes

My first focus when embarking on this journey was to improve my language skills and to communicate in Spanish and Korean. Hence, I had already booked my Spanish and Korean classes prior to leaving Switzerland. So when I got to Querétaro I started the courses at once. The lessons I signed up for lasted 3 weeks, which turned out to be a perfect amount of time for me. The school I was attending is in the city center and is called OLE center and they actually teach more languages than Spanish. OLE has good teachers; friendly and calm, so it was always pleasant meeting them everyday.



The Country


Everybody knows that I love my food, but weirdly as much as I loved the country I wasn’t the biggest fan of their food. For three main reasons: Too hot, too greesy and too much cheesy-creamy sauce in some dishes. I have tried several dishes amongst which are carne asada, bistec, tamales, chicharrón, carnitas and the obvious tacos, tortillas, quesadillas, burritos and guacamole<3. Apart from guacamole, my best discovery was tamales. They are made it made out of corn dough, can be salty or sugary. The salty ones can be filled with cheese, meat, fruits, veggies or chilies. I have eaten sweet one pink colored and it was soo good, I would totally like to learn how to make them. It is kind of an on the go dish, whichI find it to be satiating and easy to eat.



The first thing I noticed about the Querétanos – you call a Querétano someone who lives or comes from Querétaro – was “the staring”. Almost like I experienced in Asia. Turned out that they weren’t used to seeing a colored people. It never really bothered me, but you start having some kind of reaction when every time you go out: the lady in the store, the people in the restaurant turns around to look at you or the men in his car slows down and puts his window down to have a better look at you. The good thing is that I could tell that they where always looking or coming to talk to me (or even my friends) out of curiosity and interest. From all the places I went, I felt the less stared at in Mexico City. But overall, Mexicans are very nice and charming people,

  • Students

So I spent most of my time with university students. To describe them in short: super welcoming, warm and crazy party people 🙂 There was literally a party somewhere every night. May it be at someone’s house, in a bar or in a club. Typical example, you would have: Salsa on Tuesday, beer pong on Wednesday, house party on Thursday, then BaMBaaTa on Friday and Saturday. BaMBaaTa is the club you where you would find everybody, every week.



I have seen the most beautiful sceneries in my life while in Mexico. While being there I traveled either alone or with my friends, and also with the university students. The fact that the country is so gi-normous, it gives you endless possibilities for exploring. At each extremity you will find different sceneries, from desert to see to mountains. I have personally explored Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, San Luìs Potosi and Las Pozas. And if there is one place I must recommend, it is definitely the state of San Luìs Potosi, which I described earlier as “the most beautiful sceneries”. When I go back to Mexico this is a place I will definitely visit again. It is splendid.

xo, Stéph







Have you ever been to Mexico? Tell me in the comments below, where? And what was your favorite food?

Watch “Mexico Travel Video below if you haven’t seen it yet 🙂

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