I would like to reintroduce the simple outfit of the day on the blog. There aren’t a lot to read, hence they don’t ask for much focus. These outfit of the day are simply for the pleasure of your eyes and for inspiration. You can of course also get any similar pieces of what I am wearing because I will be leaving various links for you.


Where is that dress from?

Today I am wearing a white maxi dress that I have received as a birthday gift during my holidays in Mallorca this summer. End of July.

It comes from a little market shop. I saw it, loved it, and got it as a present.

3 things I love about this dress?

  • It is white, and long – I literally had that on my Wishlist (I also kept talking about it). Also if I could wear only white all summer long I’d be happy. LOVE IT!!
  • The two toned part – Detailed crochet at the top (awesome for letting the breeze in) and simple coton at the bottom
  • It is large and super fluid – I get to feel light, free and I can easily do splits. AND THAT is super cool!! Except the part with splits …cause I can’t do that V.V

How you can your own white maxi dress?

It would be difficult to find the same one considering it’s origin, but feel free to explore the links that I left for you below.

Or you can go to Bershka, Zara or Pull & Bear where you might find similar ones.


white maxi dresses robe longue blanche

white maxi dresses robe longue blanche

white maxi dresses robe longue blanche

For this look, I have decided to:

  • wear my hair in a braid which looks like a heart if you look at it from the back
  • wear my banana hearings purchased in Seoul
  • put on my little meditation bracelet, that I got during a temple stay in South Korea
  • take out my white leather sandals I bought on Asos last summer
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white maxi dresses robe longue blanche

white maxi dresses robe longue blanche

white maxi dresses robe longue blanche



Minimalist morning maxi dress with thigh high slits

Eyelet tiered-hem gauze maxi dress

Embroided sheer-hem maxi dress

Nastygal wrap maxi dress

Lace up maxi dress


xo, Stéph


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