About three to four weeks ago, this new afro specialized hair salon “Natural Hair Style” opened in Geneva. They were looking for natural, afro, dreadlocks hair styled people. All the styles. One of my friend who knew about it, contacted me asking if I was interested. Being overwhelmed with work lately, I thought what a great opportunity it would be to style my hair and not having to worry about it for the next month or so coming. So of course I contacted the hair salon and made an appointment to get my spring hairstyle. What happened basically, is that I got my hair done and then a photographer, François De Giuli, came to photograph the work’s result.
My hairstylist, Nafi, is super nice, welcoming and easy to talk to. The same goes for the photographer, François, who I was happy to meet and discover the work. I went there two hairstyle ago. The salon is in the Acacias, at 19 Rue du Grand Bureau. And here is the result.

xo, Stéph

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