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Autumn Winter

I am finally sharing with you my favorite pieces from the designer shows I’ve seen Milan during Fashion Week. But first of all I want to apologies if it’s taking me some time to share everything with you. I have a lot going on lately and it is at times difficult to keep up with my studies, the blog and everything else.

I had lots of fun admiring the beautiful work of Italian designers such as Roberto Zambelli, but also discovering those whose name I had never head of like Fatima Val or Nicholas K. They’ve all delivered nice shows and I applause them for their hard work. When you think about it, it takes them “forever” to come up with a collection, put it together; whereas it takes us 15 minutes top to watch, judge and leave.

Roberto Zambelli

Roberto Zambelli’s show pleased me the most as its designs fit particularly well to my taste. Which is feminine, delicate and colorful. To put it simply: an exquisite collection.

robertozambelli, stephanieguillaume, turningpoint, swissblogger, MFW15, FASHION, LIFESTYLEAll pictures are provided by Maximilian Linz, unless stated otherwise

Fatimal Val

A mixture of dark colors with a pop of red, structured bags and a lot of fluffiness. Strong and precise characteristics. This is how I describe Fatima’s collection. In other words: Great combo for Fall Winter 2015/16. Her designs made me think of Red Riding Hood, as I saw a red coat and another coat shaped like a cape on the runway. Just so you know, I love capes thus I have an obsession with the Little Red Riding Hood’s cape (mentionned it HERE – Little Red Cape) and I’m living it pretty well.


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La Maison du Couturier

I had the opportunity to assist to a show at the Hotel Château Monfort. Planet Fashion TV, an online magazine, organized the event. This webzine features fashion, music, celebrity news and trends written by a group of young journalists. Two designers were on the menu: “La Maison du Courturier” and “FIRST Gil Santucci.

After Roberto Zambelli, this is my favorite runway. The creations of Lamberto Petri, designer behind “La Maison du Couturier”, were refreshing by their simplicity. They were of no extravagance but nonetheless beautiful, the kind of collection you would see yourself wear for any occasion because it is remarkable without being too much.


Lamaisonducouturier, LambertoPetri, FashionLifestyleblog, turningpoint, swissblogger, MFW15, FASHION, LIFESTYLE, sgturningpointcom

Chicca Lualdi

Nicholas K

I do not know what inspired him for this collection, but it made me want to be an adventurer. Especially with the fact that my head is filled with travelling destinations and ideas. To me this collection is definitely made for the adventurer that hides beneath. My favorite looks hereunder will demonstrate so, with their three themes:

The Bohemian – Free, marginal and sexy.
The Traveler – The lost soul, who has traveled through time.
The Aviator – Rough and adventurous to the core.

All pictures are provided by Maximilian Linz, unless stated otherwise.

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